What are your favorite drugstore hair products?

Here are some of the most favorite hair products on the drugstore

Let’s find out if one of them is on your list too.

I was recently asked what conditioners I am currently loving and of course, my response was Bee Mine.  The friend then said “No…I want something I can just run to the store and grab.”  I was stumped for a moment.  Finally I responded “Well, I hear really good things about the Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil line.”  The friend paused, then said “Hmm, yeah…but I don’t feel like searching different Target stores to try to find it.  You know new Shea Moisture products can be hard to find sometimes.”  This is true, I’ve experienced it!  Finally she said, “I just need a great conditioner with lots of slip…what’s the last drugstore product you’ve used?”


I realized that it has been forever since I’e reviewed or purchased any drugstore hair products.  Which made me thing about the definition of a drug store item.  Technically you can purchase brands like Curls and Carol’s Daughter at Target and even select drugstores…but at $15+ per item, can they really be considered drugstore brands?  I’ve even seen Paul Mitchell and Joico at my local Wal-Greens, but we all know those are expensive.  So, I consider “drugstore hair brands” to be non-professional products that cost less than $10 each. As much as I love Bee Mine, they are somewhat pricey and some ladies don’t like having to order online.


So, what are YOUR favorite drugstore hair products and lines?  

Do you pick and choose items from different brands to achieve your perfect hair care regimen or are you able to stick with pretty much one line?  How much are you willing to spend on frequently used items like deep conditioners?  Is price ultimately most important?  Or do things like availability and ingredients play a role?

I’m being much more strategic about the items I buy and accept for review because I ended up overwhelmed with products recently.  There are SO many fantastic products out there, I want to  know what you like and currently use!  Your hair type or texture doesn’t really matter, I’d like your feedback.  I have switched some things slightly from when I was relaxed to natural – I don’t use ceramide and protein heavy products as often but other than that the basic healthy hair rules still apply.

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Favorite Hair Products! (DRUGSTORE!!)

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