If You Have Type 4 Coily Hair, Here are the Best Hairstyles and Products for You

Here are the best hairstyles and hair products that will help you if you have Coily Hair

Read on and get the best out of that coarsed curly, hair

Photo Courtesy of: naturallycurly.com

Photo Courtesy of: naturallycurly.com

Do you have Type 4 hair?

Type 4 can range from fine to coarse with lots of individual strands densely packed together. This type is very delicate, so some women with this curl pattern often fear too much manipulation, which need not be the case. Type 4A hair is a coily springy type of strand with the pronounced “s” and the circumference of the spirals are close to that of a crochet needle. This curl pattern experiences a lot of shrinkage. Type 4B has a tighter coil that is more of a “Z” than an “S” pattern that bends at sharp angles and often has a cottony feel or texture. This curl pattern retracts up to as much as 75% of the actual hair length. Type 4C can be with or without curl definition. It also shrinks up to 75% and can range from super fine to wiry-coarse and is quite delicate.

QUIZ: What is Your Curl Pattern?

Porosity and width

You may know your curl pattern, but there are other elements that are important to length retention and health. Knowing your curl pattern can help you select styling product and review styling tutorials, but hair width will determine how fragile your strands are, which is critical factor in breakage. Hair porosity lets you know where you fall on the spectrum of retaining moisture. Whether you have low, medium or high porosity; knowing which one is vital to stave off dryness, which leads to breakage.

More about porosity: This is Actually More Important Than Your Curl Pattern

More about width: Fine, Normal, and Coarse Hair: Why Width Matters

How to Style Type 4 Hair

Here are a few styles that are simple to create and look amazing on Type 4 hair.

Quick And Easy Protective Style


How To: My Sleek High Puff

The high puff is a fave among naturals and a great look to rock after your hair has gotten old from another style or can be created right after a cleansing. TheChicNatural uses another fave for naturals to get those edges laid and within minutes she’s got the perfect high puff worthy of hair envy and sister-love praise.

Finger Coils

Finger coils is another favorite among Type 4s and for good reason. It is simple and a little time-consuming, but it can last for over a week. You can then go to a coil out so you can stretch the style. NaturallyNellzy shows her trial and error as well as her success with the style and you get to see close-up how she found the coil rhythm that worked for her hair.

Love those coils and learn how to achieve amazing styles with a little prepping, patience, and video guidance.

Best Products for Type 4 Hair

Your porosity will have the most impact on the products that work best for your hair, but curl pattern can also play a role. Every year the NaturallyCurly editors vote on their favorite hair products for their curl pattern, and these are the Editors’ Choice award winners for Type 4 hair.

Read more from the source: http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlreading/kinky-hair-type-4a/best-hairstyles-products-for-type-4-coily-hair/

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