Everyone’s Guide to Curly Hair Products

Why straighten your curly hair, when you can be proud of them.

With this guide to curly hair products you will know what to buy next for that curly hair

Photo Courtesy of Ambrosia Malbrough

Photo Courtesy of Ambrosia Malbrough

With our curls, coils, and waves we have choices despite universal practices for all curlies like cleansing, conditioning, moisturizing, styling, and health reinforcement. Within each category you determine what works best for your hair by trial and error and I cannot stress that enough. Thinking you can just come out of the gate knowing what your hair likes might be unrealistic. Patience and a willingness to learn what your hair needs take time and practice through trying different products and techniques. Here are regimen categories with different product options that cater to your specific needs.



This is the most popular cleanser of hair. They are cleansing formulations usually with water as the primary ingredient, surfactants, and following that can vary with thickeners, conditioners, and preservatives. Shampoos tend to be quite harsh on curly hair and the main reason many curlies steer clear of them. The sulfates in them are lathering agents that can dry out and cause frizz, so many have opted for sulfate-free shampoos for effective cleansing without stripping the hair of its natural oils and creating frizz.

Popular shampoosSheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo and Kinky-Curly Come Clean Moisturizing Shampoo.


Short for “conditioner-wash”, this means skipping shampoo altogether and cleansing the hair and scalp with a conditioner and preferably a cleansing conditioner. It is gentler on curly hair by not stripping the hair of the natural oils is needs to be moisturized and non-frizzy. You can use a botanical conditioner or a cleansing conditioner specifically made for cleansing the hair. Some feel this is not really cleansing the hair but a great substitute when shampooing too often is not desired or if hair is not full of buildup.




One of the more popular styling aids of curlies, gel can have light, medium, or hard hold and fight frizz better than most styling aids for curlies. Gels are quite popular in the summer months to fight off humidity and heat without weighing the hair down. Finding the right gel for your hair takes time and patience and because of that some curlies feel gels are not the way to go.

Popular hair gels for curliesOuidad Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel and DevaCurl Light Defining Gel.

Hair Serums

Hair serums (sometimes called elixirs) are for combatting frizz and giving curly hair a smoother look and feel. Great for damaged and/or dry hair, hair serums help to smooth the hair follicle. They are often used in conjunction with conditioners and other stylers in a hair cocktail for optimal smoothness, shine, and softness.

Popular hair serumsSheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Reconstructive Finishing Elixir and Oyin Handmade Shine and Define Styling Serum.

Pure oils

Many curlies are turning to the natural sources for styling their curls, especially for those much-loved DIY concoctions. From flaxseed oil to coconut oil, the ingredients are as creative as the curly. With an endless supply of YouTube videos sharing recipes and how-to steps, it is no wonder this option is become more popular by the year. What’s the most popular? Whatever you prefer! From smoothing flyaways to slicking down edges, pure oils are just as popular as pre-made products, so find your favorite and experiment.

Note: You do not need more than one product from each category. Keep it simple!

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