Learn how to make Natural homemade skin care and hair products from Essential oils

Learn skincare, soap making and cream production the natural way . No need to put harmful chemicals, presrvatives or mix different crto achieve a flawless skin. Do it the natural way, you can be certain of what ingredients and oils goes into your cream and soaps.

skin3 c4With the right combination of essential oils and pure organic products, you can achieve a flawless smooth skin and get rid of all skin troubles (Acne, dark spots, pimples, skin discoloration, uneven skin tone, patches, troublesome hair, and more). If you are team natural, making your own conditioners, soaps, hair creams, hair treatments is the best way to go to save your self costs, unnecessary expenses and give your hair the right care it deserves.

Consider the following creams,
Whitening creams and bodywash, Lightning creams, Bodywash, bodybutter, hot chocolate cream, spots cream and serum, pills and injectables, scrubs, polish, pimples cream and serum, strong whitening oil, dark knuckles removers, cleansers, dark feet, dark toe, glow cream and serum, body activator, Face cream, Stretchmarks removal, Strong bleaching Serum, dark armpit , Body spots, night cream whitening cream, body wash, sunburn removal, soft dark knuckles removal , face scrub, soft dark knuckles and stretch mark oil, Day Skin Whitening Cream, Night Skin Whitening Cream, Moisturizing Cream, Whitening Lotion, Lightening Cream, Half cast look cream, Stretch mark oil, Spot removal cream Knuckle solution(soft n hard), Glutathione lotion and soap, Kojic lotion n soap, Strong bleaching cream, Russian milk, Golden whitening scrub,”

While some are made from natural products most of them are full of chemicals, this is the reason why you need to know and understand natural essential oils and chemically formulated beauty ingredients that can be damaging to skin. In this training, you get to learn more about the proper care of skin, body and hair.

What you will be learning:

1. Beauty facials using natural products
2) Body scrub
3) How to make baby hair growth oil
4) Whitening cream
5) Body shower gel
6) Half cast cream
7) Half cast serum
8) Baby body glowing cream
9). Baby soap
10) Baby hair shampoo
11) Hot chocolate body butter
12) How to light dark thighs and armpit
13) How to make whitening body scrub
14) stretch marks removal
15) How to remove skin tag
16) Shea butter and mango lotion
17) Goat milk lotion
18) strectch marks cream
19) Egyptians body lotion
20) Body peeling oil
21) Breast firming mask and oil
22) Dark knuckles and armpit removal
23) Whitening serum
24) Natural hair cream
25. Natural hair cream, shampoo and conditioner
26. Treatment for acne, sunburn, and oil control method for oily skin
27.) Fruit facial masks


The making of black soap base mixes, lightening and whitening.
*Facial wipes for acne
*lightening Bathe gels
*Formulating for dry Skin
*Formulating for oily skin
*Extreme Whitening Lotion
*Normal Whitening Lotion
*Repairing and Whitening Collagen lotion
*Vitamin Enriched lotion
* Skin Actives
*Solvents for dissolution
*how to keep them stable in products
*Sunburn and hyper pigmentation treatment
*Anti ageing and Whitening face cream
*Acne and re
*Whitening bath gel
*Body scrub recipe
*Body butter recipes
*Causes and treatment of skin reactions from products
*Steps to perfect and safe Skin Whitening.
* Stretch marks treatment, dark knuckles, dark feet, varicose veins etc
*Skin repair cream
Skin lightening/whitening cream

How to mix
Egyptian milk (Kamana)
Thai milk
Snow fresh milk
Fillipino Milk

Oil Production
Coconut oil
Carrot oil
Avocado oil,
Peppermint oil,
Rosemary oil, etc.

product packaging
How to tell real from fake products
How to prevent your creams from having lumps
Tools of the trade
Choosing the right beauty production equipment
Where to source for essential oils and organic products

And more….

Time and Duration:
Whatsapp; One week (Mon- Fri) :
10 am-12noon and 6pm-8pm

Physical classes: Two weeks : Mon/WEd/Fri
(10 am-12noon and 3pm-5pm


Basic: N20k
Advanced: N30k

Physical training
Basic: N40k
Advanced : N60k

Additional benefits:

1. Automatic membership of beauty class on Whatsapp and other social accounts where you get tips and valuable advice from group members.
2. Free Ebook manual on homemade soaps, creams and perfume production
3. Continuous support and sharing of knowledge base

Read more about this here: http://typearls.blogspot.com/2017/01/beauty-diy-learn-how-to-make-natural.html

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