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The best concealers from natural beauty brands

Concealer just might be the makeup bag MVP. It’s the only item that can singlehandedly cover adult acne, hide dark under-eye circles, and immediately make your complexion look brighter, more well-rested, and all-around #flawless. But with an endless number of cover-ups to choose from—powders, creams, liquids—it can be tough to know which is best suited […]

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Find out how a Woman performs a “make-up miracle!”

Watch how this Woman performs a make-up miracle Make-up has been used by humans as early as the ancient Egyptians in order to accentuate a certain appearance. Today, a craze has dominated women in their use of make-up. This craze involves defining the contours of one’s face in order to look slimmer and attractive. There […]

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