7 Simple Beauty Tips For A Smooth And Sexy Back!

Just ‘coz it’s out of sight doesn’t mean it should be out of mind. There is something so sensual about a flawlessly smooth back that it deserves as much love and attention as you give your front. We tell you some essential beauty tips for your back, for an exit that is more dramatic than your entrance. Get ready to get your sexy on – in a low-cut dress on your next big outing or a backless choli at a wedding function!

1. Scrub-A-Dub-Dub

Source: popxo.com

Source: popxo.com

The back is such a neglected part of our body, especially when it comes to our beauty routine. It’s especially important to deeply exfoliate your back to get rid of dead skin cells, make room for extra smooth skin, and prevent embarrassing pimples on your back. Use a good body scrub like the Forest Essentials Body Polisher Hydrating Sea Salt Crystal Rose as a back polish, and use a loofah to help reach all over your back. If you have acne on your back, use a mild acne cleanser to wash away impurities.

2. Post-Shower Steps

We never really think about moisturizing our back, do we? Well, it’s time to change that if you want baby soft skin there too. Use good old baby oil on your back (and all over your body) just before you step out of the shower for nourishment and softness. It’s important to dry your back with your towel and not leave your skin damp. Make it a habit to apply moisturizer all over your body post-shower, including your back, for enviably soft and smooth skin always.

Source: popxo.com

Source: popxo.com

3. The Magic Of A Massage

For a flawlessly glowing back, use massage oils to massage your back every other day for some extra TLC. Oils like almond, olive, lavender and jojoba are amazing for moisturizing, softening and giving you a gorgeous shine!


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