Beauty products to stop buying and start making

Honesty hour: Us girls on this side of the Internet can get a tad bit crazy when it comes to buying skincare and beauty products. Do you ever walk pass by your favorite store, glance at the window display, and come in just to swatch but find yourself at the till five minutes later? I know I have many, many times. So now I’m on a quest to cut my expenses when it comes to all things beauty (a moment of silence for your sister on the shopping ban zone). While I’m currently on this self-imposed hold out, I thought I’d take it one step further and try my hands on making beauty products at home.

When Kisty shared her green tea scrub recipe, it really amazed Team PV how many of you wanted to try it out. I agree with that DIY products are great because they can be as personalized as you want. Here are a few more beauty items you can stop buying and start making!

Image via beautylish

Image via beautylish

Oil Cleanser

If you’re not practicing the double cleansing method yet, now is a great time to start. Just play mixologist with oils that work for your skin type, store it in a bottle (this one is great!), and that’s it! Literally anyone can create their own oil cleanser. Just make it a point to work with good quality oils.

Dry skin types will love argan, shea, and avocado oil as they are rich in moisture but are not overly greasy. For oily skin, grapeseed oil, jojoba, and sesame are crowd favorites. Other oils that are commonly used for all types of skin are hemp seed oil, olive, and moringa. For essential oils like lavender, rosemary, and tea tree, make sure that you add very little amounts (about five drops per 30 ml) as they are far too concentrated for your skin when undiluted.

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Lip Balm

Did you know that you can make your own lip balm in under five minutes? Not only is it very easy, creating your own balm blend can be a cool activity for your next girls night in!

In a microwave-safe bowl, mix equal parts of grated beeswax and coconut oil and heat at a high setting for 30 seconds. Add a few drops of Vitamin E (those in capsules will do), which is a natural preservative with great antioxidant and moisturizing benefits, and pop the mixture back in your microwave for another 30 seconds or until it’s completely melted. Stir and transfer your lukewarm mix into little tins or plastic containers. Freeze for the next 15 minutes, and that’s it! You can now enjoy your home-made lip balm.

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This recipe creates a hard balm, so if you want something softer, just increase the amount of coconut oil. You also add a hint of color by slicing off a piece of lipstick and adding it into the mix before heating. For a cooling lip balm that smells fresh and minty, simply add a few drops of peppermint.


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